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Tradition and history going back to the 14th century

Hotel Unterwirt in Reit im Winkl: a grown inn with history

The place where the 4*S Hotel Unterwirt stands today has been a place of hospitality for a very long time. Today the hotel rises as a modern and imposing building in the centre of Reit im Winkl, a municipality of 3,500 people. Behind the historical walls lies a history that leads back to the 14th century.

From an inn to a modern hotel

Back then, just this land belonged to the Scheyern Monastery as a fief. A first building was erected in the 14th century, and was first mentioned as a tavern in the year 1612.

In 1858, King Maximilian II of Bavaria and his entourage resided in this house and in the year 1860, the poet Viktor von Scheffel dedicated a verse to the Bavarian guesthouse:

… und wie ein Arm aus siebentem Himmel winkt uns des Unterwirts gastlicher Schild

(and like an arm reaching from the seventh heaven, the Unterwirt name plate beckons us with its hospitality)

Over the course of time, the Unterwirt was constantly modernised and enlarged, always with attention to keep and to cultivate the charm and the radiance of the house. A harmonious bridge was built between the historical roots of the venerable property and modern comfort and facilities.

The “Schell Unter” legend

Due to its isolated location, surrounded by mountains on all sides except to the west, Reit im Winkl was supposedly forgotten when the lands were re-distributed after the confusions of the Napoleon wars. To clear the matter without much further ado, the involved sovereigns of Bavaria, Tyrol and Salzburg decided to play cards for the Reiterwinkl. The game is said to be won by the Bavarian elector who won with a Bells Jack. Therefore, the legend named after the winner’s final card - Bells Jack legend (“Schell Unter”).

Since this time, Reit im Winkl belongs to Bavaria and is part of the district Traunstein in the Chiemgau. The Unterwirt is especially proud of the legendary bell that is still depicted in the coat of arms of the hotel and restaurant.

Where hospitality has long been a tradition you can look forward to a special atmosphere. In the cautiously modernised big restaurant, in the hotel rooms and suites as well as in the cosy spa area, hospitality is lived and celebrated. Come in and convince yourself of it - book directly on our website or send an enquiry.

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