hanging chair in a relaxation room hanging chair in a relaxation room

Sauna landscape at the hotel Unterwirt

Sauna in your holidays in the Chiemgau

No spa area is complete without a sauna. And as you would expect it from a spa hotel, you can enjoy a whole sauna landscape. Take your time to explore the sauna area or pay a visit to the Finnish sauna of your spa hotel after a day of activities in the mountains of Bavaria.

Egyptian sweat bath in Bavaria

Get power and vitality in the Egyptian sweat bath with heated walls and benches. At 65 °C radiant heat, a soothing purification process takes place, while the gentle lapping of the integrated well pleasantly relaxes.

Moorish steam bath

In the Moorish steam bath oriental scents will stimulate the senses. The temperature is 42 to 45 °C with a humidity of 80-100%. The mild radiant heat combined with steam not only nourishes the skin and hair, but also aids in detoxification.

Bio sauna

Relax in the bio sauna at around 55 °C air temperature which is gentle to your circulation and surrounds you with a wonderfully fragrant atmosphere thanks to essential oils. In addition, the colour light therapy integrated in the ceiling helps reduce stress while creating a harmonious mood.

Finnish blockhouse sauna

The Finnish blockhouse sauna will await you with the character of an authentic alpine hut and is heated with a stone oven. Three tiers of wooden benches will offer different warmth levels, the highest of them reaching an air temperature of up to 95 °C. An infusion with essential oils will additionally increase the heat experience. In winter, it is particularly recommendable to cool down right in the snow between the sauna visits.

Healthy sweating - spa holidays in Bavaria

For the ideal stimulation of your circulation, we recommend a bath in the cool Kneipp pool after the sauna visit. Afterwards you refresh yourself at the drinking fountain or at the tea bar before you relax wonderfully on a lounger at the indoor pool or in the relaxation room.

Every day will be a good day for wellness in your holidays at the Hotel Unterwirt - no matter if you prefer to relax on the lawn, in the whirlpool or during a massage or plan a whole spa programme altogether: The choice is fully yours!

If we have now aroused your interest you can book your room for your active or spa holidays online now or simply send us a quick enquiry!

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