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Ayurveda treatments and retreats according to Indian methods

Ayurvedic treatments at the wellness hotel Unterwirt in Reit im Winkl

Ayurveda, the science of healthy living, is 3000 years old and therefore probably the oldest form of natural medicine we know, whose principle is based on harmonizing body, spirit and soul. The relaxing and regenerating effect of Ayurvedic treatments is very diverse. We only use original Ayurvedic oils on the basis of sesame oil or coconut oil of all-natural organic quality.

Upon request we also perform Udvartana (powder massages), Khadivasti (external oil enema in a dough ring) or Pinda Sveda (herbal stamp massages).

With us at Hotel Unterwirt, you can book individual Ayurveda treatments as well as an Ayurveda weekend or even an entire Ayurveda week. We will be happy to put together a customized program for you including the determination of your Dosha. This offer is perfectly rounded off by our yoga lessons in the Unterwirtsalm, which you can also book separately.

In order to secure your preferred date, we recommend that you already book appointments in our Wellness & Spa in Reit im Winkl when you book your room. Book your room, your apartment or your suite at Hotel Unterwirt today right here at the best price.

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Vitalising Relaxing DETOX suitable for pregnant women*
*not before the 4th month of pregnancy and not from the 8th month of pregnancy

Abhyanga – gentle ayurvedic full body oil massage 65

65 min. € 110.00

Time including showers

Abhyanga – gentle ayurvedic full body oil massage 80

80 min. € 130.00

Time including showers

Abhyanga – soft ayurvedic full body oil massage (with head and face) 95

95 min. € 146.00

Time including showers

Mukabhyanga/Shiroabhyanga – ayurvedic face & head massage

40 min. € 75.00

Time including showers

Padabhyanga – ayurvedic feet-/leg massage

40 min. € 75.00

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