Wellness in Hotel Unterwirt Wellness in Hotel Unterwirt

Spa Treatments - Getting pampered from head to toe in Reit im Winkl

Wellness holidays in the Chiemgau region

Everybody has their very own needs, and that is why we offer our varied and comprehensive range of organic wellness and natural cosmetic treatments at Hotel Unterwirt.

“Natural wellness” - This is the motto for all of our wellness treatments with alpine inspiration and ingredients which are all-natural and from our mountains. Mountain herbs, blossoms, conifers, aromatic hay from alpine pastures... The power of plants combined with old knowledge of healing according to Hildegard of Bingen and Sebastian Kneipp form the basis of our modern wellness and natural cosmetic treatments.

Treat yourself to what’s most important in life, TIME, and put together your very own individual wellness time-out.



If possible, please visit us wearing a bathrobe with underwear or dry swimwear. We provide bathrobes and bath slippers for external guests free of charge. During the treatments, we will cover you using different draping techniques to protect your privacy and to keep you warm. We keep towels and disposable panties ready for you.

Quiet rest

Our guests mainly visit the wellness area to rest and relax. Please respect this and therefore speak as quietly as possible, try and do without your phone and do not interrupt ongoing treatments. Please show up a couple of minutes before the treatment for some tranquility and a cup of tea so that you can calm down before your treatment. We will pick you up for your treatment in the waiting area. Please understand that if you are late, we will have to shorten and possibly modify the treatment.


We are a wellness institute and only work on healthy people. Therefore, please inform us about any possible health problems at the very beginning of your treatment. Some treatments may not be performed in the case of certain illnesses. We would like to explicitly state that our range of treatments does not imply a promise of healing or provide an alternative to consulting a doctor.

Intensity of our massages

Wellness massages have varying intensities ranging from low to medium and are primarily aimed at well-being.

Treatments for pregnant women*

All treatments which can be provided during pregnancy are highlighted accordingly. Please have a look at the treatment time - you should still be able to lie down for that amount of time.

NEW! Gentle back massages in a seated position in our special massage chair.

We do not massage the lumbar region/lower back during pregnancy.

*not before the 4. and not after the 8. month of pregnancy.

Please consult your healthcare professional - if necessary - before booking a spa treatment.


If you are unable to keep an appointment, you can cancel or postpone it free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the appointment. Please understand that we have to charge 100% of the treatment price for appointments which are cancelled or postponed on the same day (leading to a gap in our treatments). This also applies to treatment appointments on the day of your arrival which cannot be kept due to late arrival (e.g. because of traffic jam etc.).

Your prederred date

Schedule the treatment appointments early on, and if possible already before you arrive, so that we can offer you your preferred time and date. Our general terms and conditions apply to all bookings. You will find them here.

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