Take time to explore our sauna area. For the classic sauna experience, we recommend the Finnish block house sauna. Or relax more gently in the bio sauna with light therapy or in the Egyptian sweat bath.

Egyptian sweat bath

Draw strength and vitality from the Egyptian sweat bath with its heated walls and benches emitting slow radiant heat at 65 ° for a harmonious detoxification process. The gentle splashing of the fountain helps to relax.

Moorish steam bath

The Moorish steam bath stimulates you with oriental fragrances. The temperature is 42 to 45 ° at a humidity of 80-100%. The combination of mild radiant heat and steam has a highly beneficial effect on your skin and hair. The body is detoxified and you can breathe more easily.

Bio sauna

Relax in the bio sauna. With an air temperature of around 55°C, your circulation is gently activated with the pleasant scent from the essential oils. The built-in ceiling light therapy helps relieve stress and puts you in a positive mood.

Finnish block house sauna

The Finnish sauna with its cosy wooden block house character is heated by a wood-burning oven. Three floors of wooden benches provide different degrees of heat; on the highest bench, the air temperature reaches up to 95 °. Creating steam with an infusion of essential oils enhances the experience and increases the feeling of heat even more. In winter, the custom is to cool down between the sauna sessions by going directly into the snow.

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