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Green Yoga - natural(ly) organic!

A natural and healthy environment is very important to us. Apart from the organic mountain hut made from old wood, where our lessons take place, we also only use natural materials in our lessons.

Our yoga mats are for example made from jute and natural latex, the yoga blocks from cork, the yoga blankets from certified organic cotton etc.

All of the required materials like yoga mats, blocks, belts, blankets etc. are provided free of charge.

The Unterwirtsalm is situated next to Hotel Unterwirt in the heart of Reit im Winkl.

AlpineYOGA lessons:

  • Hatha Yoga 80 min. € 20,-
  • DETOX Yoga 80 min. € 20,-
  • Yin Yoga/fascial yoga 80 min. € 20,-
  • Yoga for the back 80 min. € 20,-
  • Vinyasa Yoga 80 min - advanced (smooth motion sequence) € 20,-
  • Orthopaedic back training 60 min.€ 18,-
  • Pilates 60 min. € 16,-

Detailed information, appointments & prices can be found in our separate flyer.

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